Exercism on mobile - what am I doing wrong?

Is there a trick to getting decent exercism layout when I’m on mobile? I’d like to check from my phone to see whether I have any updates, but the UI is too diffcult to use. Here’s what I see:

Advice appreciated. Thanks.

“what am I doing wrong” – using your phone, unfortunately. The site’s not build for mobile. I’m not staff, but I understand that it’s a well-known issue, it’s on the list, but it’s never gotten a high-enough priority.

Thanks. I guess I’ll stick w/ non-mobile for now. Appreciate the reply.

I completely agree. I came to the support forum to make that comment as well. I got an email notification on my phone that a mentor had replied to my issue, and I couldn’t even see the feedback from my phone. A lightweight mobile-friendly website, even removing the built-in editor functionality, would be a huge stickiness advantage, especially for people seeing the site for the first time from their phone (not uncommon).