Exercism Residency

Over the next couple of weeks we’re looking to get about 20+ people from of our community live-streaming on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly!) to Twitch and Youtube :video_camera:

This is a really exciting chance to interact with an ever-growing community of developers from all over the world and walk them through concepts and elements of the programming languages you love.

If you love teaching and communicating concepts then this could be a really great opportunity to teach and share your knowledge…at scale!

Interested? Then ping me an email at jonathan@exercism.org to find out more and get involved.

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That sounds like a cool concept. What do you have in mind? Solving Exercism exercises in (un)known languages? Working behind the scenes? Mentoring?

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Not sure I’m the most charismatic person to do a live stream, but I could give it a Go.

I was thinking of streaming some maintaining work at first, but not sure how interesting that would be. I talked with some people and they said they “would watch”, but that might be just their curiosity talking. Not sure if after they see what the work actually is they would be interested anymore. Mabe we could just try and see how it goes.

To make it interesting and to promote some interaction with chat, I was thinking something along the lines of implementing a new exercise on the track and then allowing people watching the stream to be the first ones to solve it, and maybe showcase their solutions on stream.

I also thought of solving some medium/hard exercise on stream, walking through the process thought and discussing different alternatives.

I would also like to explore mentoring on stream, but not sure what would be a good way to do it. I feel a bit uneasy picking solutions from the queue on stream, because people who request mentoring might not expect to see what they’ve written broadcasted. Maybe asking chat to post direct mentoring links to the solutions they would like to be mentored on would be a way around this?

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@andrerfcsantos thanks for the thoughtful post. I think we’re also in a space of working out what type of content will be the most interesting and entertaining for people to engage with. At this point, we are very open to experiments and to see what works best.

I agree that this format might be really good and could also connect nicely with looking at various methods to approach the problem.

I feel this could be the sweetspot for Exercism. We want to facilitate working through the problem with each other, build community as you solve and also develop different approaches for each exercise. I think this will be a good thing!

Re: mentoring…this would be great if we can find a good methodology of facilitating it. Am open to ways of working through this!

Thanks for the input!

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How exciting!

I watch and do dev streams occasionally and at least for me, simply listening to smart people talk through problems is super super fun. The idea of solving Excercism exercises and talking through alternatives sounds like a sweet spot indeed.

As far as mentoring, Twitch recently launched a feature called “Guest Star” where you can easily host somebody directly onto your stream. That could make for a fun pair-programming type stream with a mentor/mentee, and would feel like a natural extension of Exercism’s existing content.

I would definitely watch that.

I’m actively involved in the streaming community so will be watching this closely. I don’t think I myself can commit to streaming this type of thing right now but I’ll do what I can to promote the heck out of it.

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Is your email link working @jonathanmiddleton ? It’s taking me to the home page.

Anyway, I would have said that I’ve been meaning to try streaming for a while and am definitely up for doing stuff with Python. Maybe JavaScript and TypeScript too. But unfortunately I’m not going to be available to do anything for the next five weeks…

Hey @gma - thanks for reaching out and U’ve updated my email link…for some reason it was directing people to the URL of the website (even though I’d linked my email…weird)

Drop me an email at jonathan@exercism.org and we can take things from there - those languages will be coming up later this year in #12in23 but worth getting you foot in the door once your five weeks are up…