Exercism swag wishlist

A Exercism logo rubber ducky (dark and light mode variants) would be a fun nod to rubber ducky debugging.


I agree! I’d buy that instantly
Context - I have a regular rubber ducky and a batman rubber ducky sitting right under neath my computer monitor. A rubber ducky that was closer connected to tech would be preferred tho, since people always ask me why the rubber ducks lol

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https://www.printful.com/generator/bags/drawstring/all-over-print-drawstring-bag This could be a good candidate for the beehive pattern.

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I would appreciate metal pins with the beehive design


These are some fantastic ideas…I’ve also discovered there are sooooo many suppliers out there so I’m sure we’ll find some epic stuff!

Keep the ideas flowing!

Stress release ball would be nice. Something that wouldn’t be out of place on a desk that someone plays with so they keep getting reminded of the site. Could also be a conversation starter like my puzzle was at work.

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I would get a hold of an Exercism pin as soon as one is available to buy. I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Exercism and would love to have a keepsake to represent it added to my small pin collection.


That’s a cool idea - I’ll put that on the list of swag to bring in.

Thanks @meatball and @thuban for the excitment around this.

Perhaps you can elaborate on the specific way the beehive design would fit onto the pin?

Would the design cover the entire pin (and overlap the edges) and would you see the Exercism logo over the top of the beehive design?

I mean I was thinking like just a pin with a programming language logo. So maybe having like the 5 most popular languages as pins or something. I was just thinking metal and then having something like this on it.

Although I checked your current designs and I noticed all the stuff with beehive did also have the Exercism name on them. I would personally prefer the beehive logo as itself but otherwise this could be an option:

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Ah ok I understand…so it’s the individual beehive logo rather than the multiple languages ‘beehive’ - if that makes sense.

I’ll have a think about how to best implement this because, even if we go with the 5 most popular languages, that will certainly be a contentious topic of note :smile: Doing a badge for every language is also going to take some time but would be cool for sure…

Watch this space…

I mean there are some languages that has only like 200 students and I would suppose it could be hard selling those pins. Although if we rank the top 5 langauges by student it would follow: 1. Python, 2. Javascript, 3. Java, 4. Go, 5. Rust. There are some languages which has less students like typescript, ruby, elixir etc I would like see pins aswell. Although I relize that having too many designs could have difficult/expensive logistc problems. Also could be good to start with a few and see if people like them I guess.

Lined or dotted notebooks with a themed cover is another idea. The variants that come to mind would be the Exercism glyph, the Exercism word, the multiple languages beehive, and then any combination of the three. It looks like Printful only does a dotted notebook so you’d need to look around a little.

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Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line or Softcover Notebook, A5 both look promising from Printify. The softcover ships from the UK and the spiral from the US if that affects anything.

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Bring the Beehive Tote bag back :sob: (I took too long to buy)

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Hey! I feel your pain (Jonathan here btw, Exercism Community Manager) - just waiting for new stock with the supplier. Will keep you posted and exploring other suppliers so the tote bag is ALWAYS available :raised_hands:

Tell me, are there any items in the swag store that you think could be changed, improved etc?

A nice, warm hat please! It could be a start of the collection :-)
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Yeah, it hangs on “Processing Upload” message. It was a photo of me wearing my Google hat, just like this one:

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V-Neck T Shirt - I would buy and wear!!