Exercism's CI and me: 2 + 2 = 3

As the title says, I don’t get Exercism’s CI and the docs make no sense to me. Maybe I should take them into ChatGPT and see if I can get a meaningful summary.

I’ve been asked to make sure the CI for the 8th track is in place before launch. I’m tempted to launch it anyway and let someone else deal with it.

Yes, it is doing my head in. And every time I try to articulate the problem I run out of words.

Is there a video I can watch where someone goes through the process of setting up CI for a track from scratch? I normally don’t need videos – they take too much time – but I need a learn-by-watching.

You’ll need two files:

Some examples of the second file:

@axtens So to start you could implement this line:

Is there some kind of implicit behaviour going on in the V example? How does the v -stats test temp/run_test.v signal failure? In the unison example exit ${exit_code} is explicit.

I suspect that the V example crashes and stops execution? Or it might be a bug.

It was a bug: ci: fail when one of the exercise's example/exemplar does not pass the tests by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #40 · exercism/vlang · GitHub

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