Exercism's official sub-language

Hello Exercists, :grinning:

The Resistor Color exercise name (and often given code function names) suggest that we default to using American English, yet one of the given colour names is “grey”. Can we have guidance as to which to use when writing documentation or authoring exercises ?

It feels like a small thing, but I once got bitten by this issue. Before the CSS validator used an edit distance algorithm to suggest a close match, the following :

body {
    colour : red;

was confusingly reporting something along the lines of “there is no property named colour” – which had the room stumped.

Thank you ! :+1:

So the problem is that you’ve used colour instead of color and you’ve got an error? Where did you read that colour is a valid CSS property?

All content should be written in US English, which differs from UK English in a variety of ways. In the future other translations may occur, but the “official” Exercism language is US English.


There will be UK-isms that leak through. As a Canadian, I get to pick and choose which I use, so there will be some “-our” words in my writing. “Learnt” seems to be particularly non-American to my eyes.