Exercsim down? Can't see half the elements on a page, like they aren't loading

…Which means I can’t code!

edit Trying to go directly to the editor’s exercise address also doesn’t load.

I haven’t been on it much this morning, but I just tried it and it seems the same to me, which means slow, but eventually everything loads.

Hello :) Are you still seeing issues?

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Yeah! It’s been days, but it’s the same. I can’t even do a single exercise, it’s really stalling my learning schedule and projects :/

This is seriously upsetting, I still can’t do any exercises!

Have you tried force refreshing (Ctrl+Shift+R) or Chrome’s Incognito mode?

It would definitely be worth trying a different browser to see if you have something specific in your main browser that’s causing an issue (such as Browser Extensions).

We’ve not deployed anything that should have caused any major changes like this, and I’ve not had other reports, so it’s likely there’s something either sporadically happening that his hitting you more than others, or something specific to your account/machine.

Could you also go to the Javascript console (right-click somewhere and choose Inspect, click “Console”) and then screenshot any errors in red that are there and send us those pls?