Explore a track's impact and status via its newly released build page

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been building a track page that shows you an overview of the track’s impact and its current status.
As of today, we’ve made the page publicly available!
You can find it in the “Build” tab of a track, e.g. Elixir impact and status on Exercism

Amongst the information you’ll find there are:

  • Number of students/submissions/mentor discussions
  • An overview of implemented concept exercises/concepts (if any)
  • An overview of implemented-, foregone- and unimplemented practice exercises
  • For exercises, we also show the number of submissions/completions/mentor requests (this should help identify “problematic” exercises)
  • Test runner/representer/analyzer statistics

We’ve also tried to determine a track’s health to give you a quick idea of its current status.
For example, if the track has concept exercises but its test runner does not yet implement version 3, that’ll show as a possible improvement.

We hope you’ll find the information useful!

edit: if you don’t yet see the tab, that’s due to caching. It’ll be there from midnight


I love this data transparency.

A question about the elixir syllabus health: why is merely healthy and not exemplary?

Could benefit from having 0 more concepts being implemented.

Is the data available in any API endpoint? I’m curious: is there a track with a lower student:exercise ratio than Tcl?

Must be a bug! Elixir should be exemplar.

Not yet! I’ll put it on my list

No idea