F# learning syllabus

This is great as far as it goes, but at 13 exercises it is a bit thin and anemic - in ways nobody intended.

I’ve looked through the many open issues about adding concept exercises and created a Mermaid diagram to show one way these might fit together. I’ll paste that into a new issue.

To get a feel for what’s involved, I drafted a chars concept and squeaky-clean exercise, based on issue #868.

Is there enough interest for me to

  • PR these?
  • Get feedback on what works and what doesn’t, then draft some more?

I’m no F# expert, so I’m learning as I go. At least I have no difficulty understanding the novice’s perspective - which is clutching at straws, but not entirely wrong.

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Absolutely! I’d be more than happy to review and help discuss things.

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I think that’s fine. Concept Exercises are so small that they rarely venture into “complex” code.

With a lot of help from @ErikSchierboom, these are now merged.

Also, I got a feel for how much I still need to learn in F# - a massive amount! I think I may take a few weeks to write concepts before I attempt another new exercise. That’s educational - kind of making notes for myself as I explore the language.

Incidentally, people wanting to learn F# may be interested in a new book due to publish next month. There are only a few books available on this language and most are very old, making the new one potentially useful. I pre-ordered direct from Manning and they gave me access to a late draft of the book - it looks pretty good.


I also need to take another look at the Elixir syllabus, to see what I can steal adapt for F#.

Going the other way, the F# syllabus could at some point in the (longer-term) future be a pretty good starting point for an OCaml syllabus. Microsoft went with the F# branding, but they could reasonably have called it OCaml .NET.