Failed tests in Julia exercises

I am currently doing the exercises in the Julia track. This has happened to me quite often now: I submit an iteration for an exercise and when I reload the exercise page, everything looks good. But then I check out the community solutions and when I get back to the main page, it’s now listed as Failed. When I check the reason, it says that tests have timed out.

This seems more or less random - I’ve had it happen more than once on the same exercise. When that happens I submit a new iteration and it usually works the second time.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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(cc @ErikSchierboom)

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This affects me as well. Have a “Failed” status for an Iteration which first “Passed” but status changed.

Yes, that happened to me too, although I’m not 100% sure that I got a “passed” message right away. I simply expected my solution to pass, because it did pass locally on my machine (I’m rarely working in the web editor).
My guess would be startup time of some kind.
Julia is slow to compile things and seems to do a lot of heavy lifting before it is ready for the actual work, i.e. compiling and executing the tests.

Is it possible that you didn’t see a “passed” message, but a “processing” message?
I’ll pay attention next time and report. Did you use the web editor or did you work locally?

@iHiD Is it possible to look up whether the Julia server / VM instance / docker image was sleeping in some way or otherwise “not hot” (that’s when a test run failed for me)? Here’s a link to my two iterations, both times the exact same code, the first one failed due to timeout, the second one passed: DerTee's solution for Saddle Points in Julia on Exercism (not a good solution, but I’ll leave it as is for now)

I’m pretty sure it was a “passed” message, although it’s been a few days so I don’t remember 100%.

I worked locally. I don’t really use the web editor (probably because I’m an old guy old-man-yells-at-cloud)

Ok, that’s at least two out of three for now.
Hmm, I guess if the problem really is Julia’s startup time and this usually only happens when you are working locally and nobody else has submitted a Julia solution in the last couple of minutes then it’s not a big problem. It’s still a bit irritating, but ok. Or I’m completely on the wrong track.

Could you all give me some specific username/exercise pairs so we can check the data on these pls?

FYI, there’s no startup time. The containers are created for each run and then destroyed again immediately, so there’s no warm-up period.

Here’s my timeout:
DerTee’s solution for Saddle Points in Julia on Exercism

Thank you for looking into this!

Apparently this just happened to me again in the Rust track:

username: clechasseur
exercise: Rust/poker (iteration #10)