Failing configlet-sync GitHub action

Hey there, since I borrowed that GitHub action for the Emacs Lisp track I had the same error today.
See Out of sync practice exercises · Issue #705 · exercism/common-lisp · GitHub and Configlet Sync · exercism/common-lisp@69bed3c · GitHub

See Fix failing configlet-sync GHA workflow by fapdash · Pull Request #271 · exercism/emacs-lisp · GitHub for my fix.
Let me know if you would accept a PR for that.

Yes, feel free to put in a PR for this.

@verdammelt Cool, done.

ee7 talked about the possibility of upstreaming this workflow to the github-actions repository. wdyt?

Edit: forgot the link the ee7s comment, here: fetch-configlet: Add missing `GH_TOKEN` env definition to example by fapdash · Pull Request #118 · exercism/github-actions · GitHub

I think it could be a good idea. As long as each track could opt-in and set their desired frequency for checking.