[Feature request] Dedicated mentor

Hey there,

I wonder if it would interesting to have the possibility to “assign” a mentoree to a mentor for a given track.

My use case is this one: I have a junior student that I mentor, so I told her to sign-up on exercism.

I try to mentor her solutions, but it is not always possible given anyone can pickup the exercice to mentor it (which is great in fact!). So she sends me an e-mail each time she posts a new exercice, and if it is still available when I see it I pick it up.
In this specific case, it would be nice if she could request a review for a specific mentor (and I could accept or reject it for example).

No idea if this is very specific to my situation or not, but I just wanted to mention it!


This panel is visible in the mentoring tab:


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Oh! Awesome, thx @MatthijsBlom ! And sorry for the noisy request then…

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@iHiD It seems this panel is frequently overlooked. (Or do we have stats to the contrary?) Maybe a UI rethink is in order? Perhaps two buttons instead of one: one for regular mentoring, and one that provides you with the link when clicked.

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Yeah, we don’t have any real way of knowing tbh.

Lots of people miss lots of stuff everywhere. I always find it difficult to know whether it’s due to information overload, bad design, or just people having a bad day. Having just spent a day getting used to Discord, I feel like I’ve missed everything constantly but I’m sure most people get on fine with it. So yeah, I dunno.

I definitely think a lot of these pages could be simplified a bit though.

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@Mathiou04 Can you debug yourself and tell us why you missed it? :grin:

My son is mentoring me in JavaScript and I use that link to reach him. But if I also write about what I need to discuss in the mentoring text box, that’s not retained. So I have to begin the conversation in the email I use to send the link: it would be much more convenient to begin in the mentoring space that will hold the whole discussion.

I think I have missed it myself for quite a while. Never needed it though.

The main content is in the main panel. A new user, I read it. (There is much to read, but the main panel seems like the place to start.) A button says «Request mentoring». And it works! I’ll use it again next time and not look elsewhere.

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@iHiD I can only guess because I didn’t look for it myself by trying to submit a solution, I was only the mentor in this instance.
I tried to find a way in my parameters to “assign” a student to myself.
I should probably have tried the “student path” to see for myself.

Maybe, if we want to improve the experience for a mentor looking for it, add a question in the FAQ, or somewhere in the Mentoring guidelines (Mentoring Guides | Exercism's Docs).
That’s also somewhere I looked when searching for this option.

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