[feature request] From a mentor discussion, the student can open in editor

As a student, it would be helpful to be able to jump directly from the discussion to the editor (and back, but you’d need to submit first).

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I fully agree with this. I find it really annoying that I can’t see the comments of the discussion during my coding: is there any way to simultaneously discuss and edit? If not, could we bring in this feature?

Looks similar to this

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It is different though. The linked discussion is about how to go about getting people unstuck while they haven’t yet solved the exercise. This thread however is about ergonomics of mentoring sessions, which occur only after solving the exercise.

I just noticed today that there is “Feedback” panel in the editor, that seems to implement what we want. Is this a new feature, or has it always been here? @glennj, is this what you’re asking?

No. Read my post again

Maybe a button in the red bit?

Yeah, that would be a good place for an Open in Editor button.

In the editor, if that could open the Feedback tab (scrolled to the most recent comments), that would be ideal.

And in the editor, somehow be able to Submit and return to mentor discussion to make more comments.