Feature Request: moving beyond languages

Hello! I am very new to Exercism, but am so excited to have found you. This is a wonderful project and I look foward to contributing as much as my resources will allow.

This is not so much a simple feature request as it is a directional change, so I understand if it needs to be mulled over and may not fit in with your roadmap, but I would love to see future tracks that aren’t centered around languages so much as they are technologies. The biggest example that stands out in my mind is: you have tracks for JavaScript and TypeScript, but I need a track to learn React JS and Angular. You have a track for C#, but what about a track for ASP.NET Core (Blazor, Web API, Razor Pages, etc)? I realize this ends up with a much larger set of tracks to manage, and obviously you would want to start with just the big ecosystems, but is this something your roadmap would permit if you had enough resources?

Language tracks are contributed by volunteers. Your suggestions are exciting, but would need a team of people to work on them.