[Feature Request] [Python] Include the most important modules as concepts in the syllabus

Often times, the best community solutions use built-in modules to improve on how an exercise is solved.

While I think it’s a good thing to learn how to do things “by hand” and Exercism encourages us to to our own research, I feel like some modules, like math, collections and perhaps even typing and os could be presented as concepts in order for students to familiarize themselves with the available tools.

As I see it, this would represent an expansion on the scope of teaching Exercism proposes!

I agree on collections. Even Counter alone is severely underused.

Do you have concept exercises in mind for each of these modules/concepts?

There’s a list of “new concept” issues being tracked which include a number of common modules.

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All we need is people to jump in to write the concepts (hint hint @fabiorzfreitas) :wink:

I’m afraid I’m still only halfway through the track, so I’m not yet in the position to help teaching. Once I’m done, I’ll surely come back to contribute!

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Hi @fabiorzfreitas :wave:

Nice to see you here on the forum!

As @IsaacG has pointed out, we have a whole host of planned concept exercises logged as issues on the repo. We also have (a somewhat outdated, but soon to be updated) roadmap document of sorts.

I am afraid that collections is rather far down the concept tree at the moment. Because things like collections require that earlier concepts be introduced. The same can be said of os and math.

Typing is more complicated, since type annotations don’t have any value unless we can properly test them, and testing them requires that we adapt our test runner to use mypy. There’s a bunch of other work ahead of that in the queue, so we’re not going to be teaching type annotation anytime soon.

Students who want to learn type annotation best practice are better off familiarizing themselves with the approved and implemented typing PEPs, looking through the python typing discussions, installing mypy locally, and asking mentors for specific feedback when completing exercises.

The big push right now is to get the track ready for Analytic April, with support for the featured exercises and (potentially) some new problems for the occasion.

All that said, once you get to a place where you feel comfortable, we’d :purple_heart: :blue_heart: to have you propose/write up some concepts and concept exercises. :grinning:

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You do not need to wait until you have finished the track. Probably most contributors have not completed any tracks, and some maintainers even might not have finished their own tracks either.

When you have a good idea, please feel free to discuss it here on the forum.