Feedback on the Basics Concept (No-C++ speakers very welcome)

Hey there,

a little progress for the C++ syllabus. I have opened a PR and the accompanying issue for the first concept exercise on the track. I would love to have your feedback, especially if you have little or no knowledge of C++, as this is the target group for the exercises.

I have not yet finished the file, as I would love to give a compressed summary of the introduction with a little more information as proposed in the docs.


Thank you for all the valuable feedback @MatthijsBlom, @b8horpet and @siebenschlaefer. :partying_face:

It’s really good to have your opinion. Especially in the first concepts it will be important to set the correct tone to get as many students as we can to stay on track. If the first concepts are not comfy, they might not stick around.