Finding a list of exercises to port

I’m interested in porting practice exercises to tracks (that accept community contributions). Most of the tracks, however, already have a lot of exercises, so it’s not easy to find ones that aren’t already in the track.

Is there a simple way to find a list of missing exercises, without having to manually check for each in problem-specifications?

Go to the main page of any track and click on the build status tab. Scroll to the bottom to see the list of todo.

Sorry, forgot about that. Thanks!

You may want to check in with track maintainers before sending PRs, even if the track isn’t explicitly closed. Some tracks intentionally picked some exercises and not others or aren’t interested in adding new exercises.

I’ve just created a Google Sheet with the list of all practice exercises that are implemented per track: Tracks - Implemented Practice Exercises - Google Sheets

note: this won’t be automatically updated