Finished vs. Completed (and Automation)

It’s very hard to see which sessions count for automation and which don’t (yet). I’ve only learned through the discussion here that there’s a difference between “finished” and “completed” sessions.

In the UI, there’s currently three tabs: “Inbox”, “Awaiting Student” and “Finished”.

On the other hand, there’s “Completed discussions”.

This difference makes it very hard to understand the numbers in “Automation” as compared to the numbers of finished sessions per track. For example, my current automation status is 63 out of 100 (note that it doesn’t say for which track - in my case, it’s clear, but is it always? I also was never sure if this was per track or general).

As mentioned in the discussion, I agree that it would be good to have some documentation about this. And maybe we could rephrase “Requires 100 finished mentoring sessions on a track and an overall satisfaction rating of 95% (currently XXX%)” to “Requires 100 completed mentoring sessions (finished and reviewed by the student or timed out) on a track and an overall satisfaction rating of 95% (currently XXX%)”?

And since that’s a metric, could we reflect that in the workspace by either

  • Renaming the “Finished” tab to “Ended” and showing the numbers as $total ($unreviewed, $reviewed; $timeOut)
  • Adding additional tabs for the two statuses
  • Adding status indicators to the finished tab and allowing to filter by that

I think sth. like that would help avoid some of the confusion - what do you think?

Happy to do the work ;-)