First contribution: fix a typo on Rust's Lucian's Luscious Lasagna docs

I am attempting to contribute to Exercism and have opened a pull request to correct a minor typographical error in the file for the Rust’s Lucian’s Luscious Lasagna exercise. I would appreciate any guidance on the contribution process.

Here is the link to the pull request: Fix a typo by br-lemes · Pull Request #1857 · exercism/rust · GitHub

just curious: how did you stumble upon this? the syllabus is deactived and shouldn’t be accessible on the website. i guess if you went through the syllabus a long time ago, you would still be able to see it.

Either way, I see no reason not to merge.

I solved the exercise two years ago. Recently, I decided to come back to solve exercises again.

Since I’m now using the cSpell extension in VSCode, I ended up noticing this error while reviewing the solved exercises locally. I decided to make the PR because it’s a simple thing to do in order to know the contribution process.