Fix typo in the instruction of guidos-gorgeous

double word “in” in the instruction:
link: Guido's Gorgeous Lasagna in Python on Exercism

Please check my pr: fix typo in the instruction of guidos-gorgeous by thuvh · Pull Request #3364 · exercism/python · GitHub

@iHiD (or @ErikSchierboom ) - I’ve gotten into a bit of a pickle with this one. I think it’s because I did a review before trying to re-open it. :scream: :woman_facepalming:

For whatever reason [Reopen] is now unavailable to me for this on the repo. Sigh.
Any chance one of you could try to use your admin-foo to reopen & merge it?

Many thanks!

Sorry, but I can’t either

I wonder what the heck I did to make that so terrible?

Saw the reimplementation fly past, and approved and merged it. Apologies everyone for the issues. I will make sure to reopen PRs (or request reopen) before doing anything else in the future.