Fix typos in Parsing Log Files instructions

This PR fixes a couple typos in the Parsing Log Files where “expressions” is plural, but the context shows that it should be singular.

I believe that file is meant to be synced from this file.

I just edited the docs I was linked to by the “Edit via GitHub” link at the bottom of the exercise page. The two pages do seem to have the same content. Is there anything that says one is canonical (and should be the only one changed) or that both should be changed as they aren’t auto-synced?

I believe both should change. I believe the configlet tool can be used to sync those docs with the sync --docs command.

It’s configlet’s generate command, but to know that is useless when using GitHub Editor for contribution.

This is the relevant part of the documentation: Generating Documents, just in case @torvos wants to contribute from CLI in the future.

Thanks for the info. Since these changes are quite minor, I just manually edited the files. Please take a look at Fix typos in regular-expressions concept instructions by toryc · Pull Request #2797 · exercism/go · GitHub and let me know if that works.