Fix: wasm: two-fer: correct memory input start and end address

The linear memory contains the input string at address 64, not 128.

fix: correct memory input start address · nitwhiz/wasm@b7f03f8 · GitHub

The ending offset is 191, not 196.

you’re right. fixed it, thanks!

the closed PR doesn’t pick the force-pushed change up, so I edited my post to link to the commit.

Appreciate the contribution! It appears that I cannot reopen this PR for some reason. When I hover over the disabled button, I see a tooltip “The main branch was force-pushed or recreated.”

I’m assuming you likely fixed up your PR with the ending offset and then force-pushed?

If so, can you please open a new PR targeting this commit? It will likely auto-close again, but I believe I should be able to reopen it.



yeah, i force pushed the fix for the ending offset.
i reopened the PR: fix: correct memory input start address by nitwhiz · Pull Request #96 · exercism/wasm · GitHub