Fixing minor consistency issues in JS learning exercises

I have just completed the learning exercises and I have noticed a few consistency issues that I would like to flag - if the maintainers approve, I can raise a PR to address them.

  1. Generally, the spec file name and the solution name matches with the folder name except in the following cases - can we fix them?

  2. The test files in the practice exercises like resistor-duo, two-fer have only the first test enabled and the rest of the tests skipped using xtest, but this convention is not applied in the learning exercises. When I download the exercise to VSCode, the first step I do is to convert all the tests except the first one to xtest so that I can apply TDD. Can we make the test files consistent across all exercises?

I am not sure whether this is an intentional design decision - I see that the UI for running the test look different between the learning exercises and the practice exercises - can someone explain the thought process?