Floating over student name in track Queue gives information…

But I have not seen any other place to see information like that.

In the “hover” behavior there, is good information, such as ‘Track Objectives’ and “This will be their first time being mentored” or “They have been mentored 1500 times, 1 time by you” or whatever the situation may be.

It would be good to have consistent behavior during mentoring for this kind of information. It may be helpful, even, to see this kind of information in othre places as well, such as when looking at community solutions, and noting that this is a student that you were one of the mentors for during this exercise.

I second this too. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the “Track Objectives” for a particular student because they are hidden behind the hover tooltip.

A situation where this was really annoying was this one time when the student put questions about the exercise in the “Track Objectives” section. I remember that in order to have the questions handy and to refer back to them in our conversation, I had to use the developer tools so I could copy the text. Not ideal.

There’s a PR that’s literally a year old open for this that we need to get over the line… [Waiting for Taiyab] Tweak mentor discussion styling by iHiD · Pull Request #1822 · exercism/website · GitHub