Following mentoring requests for further discussion

Sometimes I see mentoring requests which would be interesting to me to follow and see its solution or have a chance to discuss, when another mentor accepts. Would that make sense?

I agree. However, I think the mentee should have to explicitly allow this.

It makes sense to me.

And I keep an “external” list of those, since it is no longer something we can rely on with the platform.

v1, I could do this easily, v2 a little less so, and v3, now I have to get “lucky” and see the request, and grab the information while I can.

So occasionally I will search for the author in the community solutions, knowing that I will have no insight in the conversation that got them there, and perhaps no iterations other than the ones they want to publish.

There is nothing wrong with this, now people can keep their “mistakes” private if they want to.

That said, I have some students that know that I am interested in what they are doing, or they are interested in what I have to say, and so they will send me a private mentor link after they have another mentor. I still won’t be able to see their prior comments on their iterations, but I can see and we can continue on from the prior iterations.

There are some students that I know keep their notes and solutions in git repositories, and so I will occasionally check those out as well.