Footnote links don't work

When markdown footnotes are used, the website seems to render links, supposedly to jump back and forth between where the footnote is referenced and its text. These links don’t work though, you just end up at the top of the page either way.

two examples:

To be clear, the issue here is the little 1 that you click to drop down to the footlink?

@ErikSchierboom: This looks like it needs the data-turbo: false thing adding on these links. Not sure why it’s not already.
@dem4ron Looks like we could do wth the font size for this section being a couple of px smaller, and there being a border (borderColor6?) with some padding (pt-20 mt-20?) on the footnotes.

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That’s right, the little 1 is the one direction and this little arrow at the end of the footnote is the other:


@iHiD The reason is that footnotes are not rendered like regular links, but have their own rendering logic. The unfortunate thing is that there is no render method that allows us to work around this: Class: CommonMarker::HtmlRenderer — Documentation for commonmarker (0.9.2)