For which exercises would you like Approaches?

With Functional Februari around the corner, some of you might be planning on picking up Haskell. Currently for most exercises on the Haskell track Approaches are still missing, but maybe I can help out here.

For which Haskell exercises would you especially like to see Approaches?

OCR, Change and Parallel Letters would be interesting I think. For the advanced topics may Lens Person and 4th?

You lured me into solving Change. A write-up will take longer to produce. This is an interesting problem: laziness actually comes into play!

Parallell Letters would be interesting, yes, but… parallelism in Haskell might be too easy, in a sense. Adding parallelism doesn’t even add a line of code. I need to think about how to go about explaining it, without going «just go read Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell». Or maybe that would be fine? It’s a good book.

If there is beauty to be found in OCR, I have as yet missed it. Are there tracks with approaches for OCR? I cannot find any, but then again I do not really know how to find them.

I am mostly interested in seeing it solved in different ways. I would probably start and make a bitmask for the letters and some look-up table.

@MatthijsBlom We’ll also select 5 exercises that we recommend people taking part in the #12in23 challenge work on. Having approaches for those would be great (I plan on selecting those today).

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Maybe it would be interesting to have approaches in “non-traditionally functional” languages to write some functional approaches as well. E.g. Java or C++.

I started with approaches for Leap: Add Approaches for Leap by MatthijsBlom · Pull Request #1139 · exercism/haskell · GitHub. Feedback, both general and specific, would be much appreciated! I’ll likely finish this one today.

I’ll review tomorrow @MatthijsBlom

Functional Februari seems to have resulted in a large influx on the Haskell track. I plan on quickly writing more Approaches. It would be nice if all these people could benefit from these as soon as they are finished.

Sorry for sounding impatient; I wouldn’t have posted this early if it weren’t for the upcoming weekend, and not at all if I hadn’t perceived this kind of PR as somewhat pressing (in light of FuncFeb). It seems Haskell track’s sole maintainer might be busy. Might there be a way of speeding things up?

One thing you could consider is using approaches from another track as the basis.
Bobahop has been adding approaches to Scala, and I’m doing the same for F#.

The five exercises that could benefit most from approaches are probably the ones we recommend people do.
The five exercises are:

  • Hamming
  • Collatz Conjecture
  • Robot Simulator
  • Yacht
  • Protein Translation

Other than that, I’d work on some of the easier exercises.

You also don’t have to be comprehensive. I’d rather have the one, most idiomatic approach for three exercises than have three approaches for one exercise.

@ErikSchierboom In case they fell off the radar (or should I have pinged?): Dig Deeper PRs are waiting for review

Yep! I’ll take a look

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All approved!

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