Force scroll to top when clicking on pagination buttons

When i click on any of these buttons the loaded page uses the scroll position of the current page. It needs an explicit scroll into view or something similar.

Affected pages:
Contributors: Exercism
Community solutions e.g.: Community solutions for Two Fer in JavaScript on Exercism
Mentoring e.g.: Exercism
Notifications: Exercism
Reputation: Exercism

There may be other affected pages too.

This was also happening when clicking on the main pages of tracks, but it looks like this has been fixed recently.


Thanks. The framework of the pages consists of server-side rendered HTML with React components interspersed as necessary. The interactions you’ve linked are with these React components and they don’t trigger a page reload, which would normally initiate an automatic scroll-to-top behavior.

We’ll look into this :slight_smile:

Hey, this one got merged yesterday, sorry, forgot to post it here:

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Is the new behavior of the inbox & queue as intended?

The new behavior plausibly is an improvement, but now each time I arrive at these pages I feel like I ought to duck until I scroll up a bit. Also, the table titles («Inbox» / «Awaiting student» / …) and search field + sorting menu are out of frame. The other lists do not have these problems.