Formal request to start Harbour track

Harbour is an xbase language. There is a large and very active community (see the FiveTech Forum as one of many.)

For those who have heard of Clipper and dBase III, Harbour is one of the more popular implementations of that language and is available on Linux, Windows and others. (There is a dotnet implementation, X#, that may be worth a look.)

@ajborla has already done extensive work on exercises and a test framework and there is enough material there to get the track going in a few weeks rather than months.

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(cc @ErikSchierboom)

A good response to my ad given in the FiveTech group: FiveTech Software tech support forums • View topic - Exercism and Harbour

To confirm: would the name of track be “Harbour”?

It’s a tricky situation but yes I think harbour is the best. I could name it “xbase” but there’s never been a language or product of that name. It’s a generic term as below

Xbase “Generic term for the dBASE family of database languages. Coined in response to threatened litigation over use of the copyrighted trademark ‘dBASE’.”
FOLDOC Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing

xBase is the generic term for all programming languages that derive from the original dBase (Aston-Tate) programming language. There are indicators that there was a non-commercial predecessor.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There’s a harbour icon but no xbase one. They’re are quite a few groups producing xbase compilers. Harbour is the most well known of the open source compilers.

There is the possibility that someone won’t be happy that Harbour was chosen. However, there is sufficient similarity on the core language that code written for Harbour can, with minimal adjustment, be made to work, for example, in X#.

The repo has been created: GitHub - exercism/harbour: Exercism exercises in Harbour.
And @axtens has been added as a maintainer.

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Please also add @ajborla as a maintainer

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Done. Enjoy.

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