Fortran - Protein-Translation (exercise)

I would like to add the 48in24 W5 exercise Protein-Translation to the Fortran track.

I’m not sure how to best handle invalid codon errors, so I simply went with returning an empty list.

Not completely related, but while testing the example implementation I noticed, that aborting execution using a STOP statement seems to automatically pass the assert_equal tests.

If it’s too unwieldy, you could just not include the test and mark it as not included in the metadata.toml.

I don’t think it’s necessarily unwieldy, but maybe conceptually not great.

But also looking at how this is handled in other tracks (e.g. C++), instead of imposing a suboptimal way of dealing with invalid codons, simply removing the corresponding tests is probably better.

I agree with removing the tests, that seems like a better option.

@D3usXMachina I can’t seem to re-open the pull request. Could you re-create the PR (sorry!)?

@ErikSchierboom I created a new PR #245. The tests with invalid codons are now removed, and the changes to the testlib are also included.

Sorry, I’m new to this, so I might have set some settings wrong.
Is there a way to link to the forum discussion in order to avoid having the PR automatically closed?

There isn’t. We have to manually re-open the PR.

Just bumping this because the exercise is up next week. Could someone familiar with the Fortran track review 242 so that we could get 242 and 245 merged in time?