Fruit Picker learning exercise issue

I believe there is an issue with the Fruit Picker learning exercise about callbacks. Link here.

For the first two tasks, the given hints have nothing to do with the question or answer. For example, the task one hint says to use the checkStatus API function, which in actually is not required to solve the problem.

Here are the task 1 and 2 solutions which have nothing to do with the above:

// task 1 solution
export function onSuccess() {
  return notify({ message: 'SUCCESS' })
// task 2 solution
export function onError() {
  return notify({ message: 'ERROR' })

I haven’t solved task 3 and 4 yet, but have a feeling it would be the same issue for them.

If it’s not a bug, it’s super confusing. Can someone please confirm?

(cc @SleeplessByte for magic)

There is an open issue about this exact… issue!

And last week a PR was provided:

Once this is merged, the issue should be resolved.

Thanks for the update! Do we know if this is the case in any other lessons as well? Just want to be aware if possible.

I don’t think it’s the case for any other current concept exercises :slight_smile: