Functional February Swag Ideas

Each month we’ll curate some swag that is specific to the theme of the month :tshirt:

To help us create something truly unique and fun, we’re going to need some help from you, the Exercism Community!

We need to come up with fun puns, catchphrases etc that can be put on the swag…

So for the month of Functional February, post some suggestions below that would make Functional February Swag come alive…either a tagline, or an item of swag that would make your Functional February even more enjoyable…

(We’ve already had some suggestions about something to do with ‘Monads’ or a tagline ‘Purely Functional’…I’m convinced there is more!)

Looking forward to what comes out! :raised_hands:

  • We put the Fun in Functional!
  • Don’t write dysfunctional code!
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As for swag, naaah, that would be an Object. ;-)

Welcome @davearonson - like those ideas…a lot :joy: