Getting the Ballerina exercism track re-enabled

Hi @ErikSchierboom, I figured this would be a better place to hold the Meta conversation on what more needs to happen. I have the repo back to a working state with the existing revised exercises. I am sure there are a lot of little things that are still needed.
One goal I am working towards is having something enabled for end users by Dec 15th. I know that is soon, but we had to schedule a hack night event for that date. I would really like to use exercism directly for that event instead of managing the code via GitHub.

I have another set of 20 exercises that I am working to get into the exercism format. My plan is to focus on a few to start with.

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Ehm, how many users are we talking about? Ideally we’d only launch the with about 20 exercises. How much do we have right now?

This is the first one and will be a local group in my area. I will be in person with all of the users and there are 10 people signed up right now.

I am working on finishing the addition of 10 exercises on top of the original set to bring the number to 18. These new 10 just needed to be modified for the Exercism format because we have already used them for a private event. After this all looks good I have 10 more exercises that need the same treatment.

@vordimous I’m happy to soft-launch the track once we have 18 exercises merged. If that is not do-able, I could temporarily make the 10 people maintainers and they’d be able to work on the track.

We will get the 18 merged today for the soft launch. That would be the easiest.

We have added the full set of 18 but are running into a timeout issue: Ballerina Test runner timeouts

Started a soft launch PR: Ballerina Track Soft Launch by vordimous · Pull Request #160 · exercism/ballerina · GitHub

We can hold off on any kind of announcement until we add more exercises. We have 10 more that we can pull from and now that we know about the runtime limitations will want to consider their scope and make adjustments.

Thank you, @ErikSchierboom, @kytrinyx, and @iHiD for all of your help! I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with Exercism and Ballerina teams :slight_smile:


Brilliant. Great work. I hope your meetup goes well!

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