Gigasecond: Fix failing tests

There are two causes of failures. First, if the two dates are joined at different milliseconds, then they will inherit different millisecond values during d:join, unless the full 10 items are specified in the array.

Second, there is a bug with d:+msec in 8th version 23.06 (I believe since in 23.02 https:/, causing the time to change by the value of the local time zone. If your time zone GMT you won’t notice. It is fixed for the next release (23.07?).

The 8th-test-runner repo runs in a Ubuntu 18.04 image, so the time zone for test runs will be UTC. And I see from the commit history that the is 23.01.01, so that’s a bullet dodged with that bug.

It’s important to fix it so users won’t be confused why their tests are failing locally, right?

Indeed. Merged.

In other tracks I’m involved with, we added a warning to the instructions to use UTC, in the language-specific way.

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