Go Track - booking-up-for-beauty - test cases

Hi all,

I’m sorry to be this guy again. Just found another test case that is missing in the booking-up-for-beauty exercise.

The README instructions says:

Implement the IsAfternoonAppointment function that takes an appointment date and checks if the appointment is in the afternoon (>= 12:00 and < 18:00):

Therefore, if IsAfternoonAppointmet should return false to 18:15, for instance. But there’s no use-case for that.

I particularly think fixing that would help explore the time package a bit more. But I understand breaking old tests would be painful as well. Therefore, I’ll defer to you guys to either update the README to (>= 12:00 and < 18:59), add a new use-case or simply ignore this message. I’m happy with any.

The suggested use-case could be the following:

"IsAfternoonAppointment 4": {in: "Friday, September 9, 2112 18:10:00",
			want: false},

Thanks all for putting a huge effort in making this community awesome!