Go track: The Farm: Tests do not cover a condition of the exercise

The exercise reads “Note that if both a “negative fodder” error and a SillyNephewError could be returned, the “negative fodder” error takes precedence.” However, this is not being tested as shown by solutions, which pass the current version whilst checking for the SillyNephewError condition before they check for the negative fodder condition.

I’ve created an issue for this on Github and also a PR to add a test for that. But since I’m a first-time contributor to that repo, your automation needs to be greenlit by a maintainer. Can you please have a look?

The Farm: Tests do not cover a condition of the exercise · Issue #2530 · exercism/go (github.com)

the-farm: check “negative fodder” error precedence by luxifr · Pull Request #2531 · exercism/go (github.com)


Just reviewed the PR, thanks!

Usually making a PR/issue on Github is enough, you don’t need to also create an issue here on the forum. Creating a discussion just here on the forum is fine too. Me and june monitor Github notifications, that notify us of all activity in the Go track repos. We don’t ignore any notifications, but we might take some time to get to them, depending on how busy we are with work/real life stuff.

We might take a while to get to your issues/PRs, but they are always appreciated and never ignored. :heart:

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