Go track's Space Age has obsolete information in instructions

I was going to work on the Space Age exercise on the Go track, and at the bottom of the instructions, under the Planet Type header it says:

“The test cases make use of a custom Planet type that is sent to your function. You will need to implement this custom type yourself. Implementing this new custom type as a string should suffice.”

However, when opening space_age.go, the type is already implemented (line 2). I took the liberty of taking a look and noticed this is added by the instructions.append.md file in the docs folder. I have a change in my local fork ready to delete this file.

I’ve moved this into Go. @junedev @andrerfcsantos? Would you accept a PR as per Jesse’s suggestion?

Nice catch! Feel free to open a PR with this.

Done! For your reference Remove obsolete information from Go track's Space Age exercise by jesse-kroon · Pull Request #2751 · exercism/go · GitHub.