Goland 2023.3.1 Crashsed when running tests


Anyone else having the problem that Goland 2023.3.1 crashes everytime i runs the test from within the IDE? I’m on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS if of any importance.

It’s working lilke a charm from CLI, but not from the IDE.

As I’m not really into go yet, I don’t have other projects than the exercises from exercism to test with.

Any pointers?

Is there an error message you can share? And maybe also your code? “Crashed” is pretty vague and hard to debug. Many people around the globe run Goland 2023.3.1 very day from within an IDE so it’s not a universal problem.

I totally agree.

I will look for logs, perhaps make a small video. The code is e.g. the Go “Logs-logs-logs” exercise.

What is your code, though? Or is it crashing when you run the default/stub code?

If you do find the error, please share it as text in a codeblock. Trying to read video text is much harder than reading text text.

After some time looking at logs files and generation of fitting ones, I saw that my IDE was only allowed to use 2GB of memory, I raised that to 8GB and haven’t had any issue since.

Thanks for your assistance.