I have been trying to implement this thing on booking up for beauty but it didnt work and it returns true no matter what is the input here is my code and error message. I think there might be something about time.Parse() but I cant understand what is wrong with my format

func HasPassed(date string) bool {
thaday,_ := time.Parse(date,“January 2, 2006 15:04:05”)
res := thaday.Before(time.Now())
return res

=== RUN TestHasPassed/HasPassed_3

booking_up_for_beauty_test.go:38: HasPassed(December 9, 2112 11:59:59) = 'true', want 'false'

— FAIL: TestHasPassed/HasPassed_3 (0.00s)

Looks like you’ve got the arguments in the wrong order for Parse: https://pkg.go.dev/time@go1.21.5#Parse

Oh My God, yes how did I miss it, thank you too much :slight_smile: