Got Stuck at LogLevels

I got stuck at the exercise and i’m confused at what am i supposed to do, i’ve tried looking at the cheat sheet (community answer) and i still don’t understand how the program functions.
Is it okay to copy - paste another user’s program?
also if you want to try to enlighten me about the exercise, please do, i’m really confused right now
i’m sorry if my use of words doesn’t fit the perfect situation, i’m just desperate for help

Please help us help you. One can be confused in lots of ways – please explain to us your particular confusion:

  • What have you tried? What was the result? Which errors?
  • Which specific parts (quotes) of the instructions leave you confused? What do they make you think, and which of these thoughts are in conflict with each other?

You’ll find that people are much more likely to help you quickly when you provide this information from the start.

Very bluntly put, you shouldn’t care about this. Presumably, your goal is to get better at programming. If copy-pasting other’s code helps you achieve this, then so be it.

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I find most of exercises and explanations confusing and incomplete. I really don’t understand this exercise too.
I think the messages you recieve (logs) are pre-programmed smewhere and you have to write a code to get them.

Each exercise has unit tests with error messages which are displayed when the tests fail. The test file is included in the exercise.