Guidance in exercises

It would be great to have a bit more guidance in the exercises. I found that 90% of my time is staring at the test script working out where to put the method and 10% is actually solving the logic of the problem.

Have you requested mentoring for the exercise? This can likely greatly skew those percentages.

I feel like that would just flood the mentors with “How do I even start” questions.

For example queen-attack starts with just

return function(pos)


and I have to figure out what

describe('queen-attack', function()
  it('queen with a valid position', function()
      Queen({ row = 2, column = 2 })

wants. Some sort of class called Queen and a function called function?

Compared to dnd-character which is great because you get given a useful skeleton.

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Yeah. Exercism uses a test driven development model. You can decipher the test file or the test output.