Haskell syllabus

I was just wondering about the status of the Haskell syllabus. There seem to have been published quite a few concepts somehow already, but for some reason I can’t find them through a syllabus. Is that on purpose or an I missing something?

You mean these five concepts?

The syllabus isn’t public yet, as it has not yet been sufficiently developed. Even the few currently present concepts are somewhat WIP.

Currently I feel that developing Approaches / Dig Deeper material is more valuable, but if you feel otherwise I would be interested to hear it.

I don’t have strong opinion regarding approaches vs concepts. Approaches are certainly extremely valuable and helped me a lot. I was just irritated by the fact that the updates section (“What’s going on with Haskell”) on the track mentions these concepts, but you cannot access those via the syllabus. You can of course click on these concepts in the news stream, but it still feels somewhat irritating.

@iHiD (?) I think the :point_up: showing of otherwise invisible concepts/exercises in the «What’s going on with Haskell» section should be considered a bug.

@denismaier There are some finished but not yet published Approaches available in the repo: Pull requests · exercism/haskell · GitHub.

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