Having trouble with 8th

I am working on just submitting the simple Hello world in 8th from the command line. First thing is first have to compile it.:

I tried this at wsl, powershell, and cmd with the correct 8th binaries. The following is my code and the errors . I notice it needs exercism/test and I can’t find that anywhere. Where do I get that? If I don’t need that Below is my code and the error. What is going wrong?
: hello-world \ – s
“Hello, World!”
—end code—


-1 tests planned - 0 passed - 0 skipped - 0 failed

… FAIL - not all tests completed

Exception: Unknown tests: at line 4 byte 57 in C:/data/exer/8th/hello-world/test.8th: G:sthrow: task REPL

—end errors----

@axtens Any idea?

The test framework went thru a few iterations. Hello world probably isn’t set up appropriately. I’ll check later tonight

Okay, am able to reproduce the error.

I’ll be editing all the test.8th scripts to include with: test just after needs exercism/test and ;with at the very end.

Mind you, this doesn’t make sense as there’s a with: test at the end of the test library in ./libs/exercism/test

PR created with @glennj flagged for second opinion