Hello World swift test timed out error

I have started Swift track but I’m unable to submit my solution for HelloWorld through both CLI and online compiler. I gives test timed out error

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Not sure if this is related, but I’m noticing more timeouts recently. I’m working on the Haskell track, where almost every other (correct) attempt is rejected with a timeout error.

(cc @ErikSchierboom to check Swift and Haskell)

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Welcome back! How did the holiday go?

I’ve been exploring other forums in the past few weeks and am surprised to see that none of them have company officials weighing in the posts. Many important contributors in those paces grouch about that. I (we) really appreciate your presence here!

Thanks for saying that! :slight_smile:

My week off was lovely, thanks. I explored Florence and ate too much pasta! :slight_smile:


And I was incredibly busy, so I have to manage my time and can’t answer everything, sorry. Rest assured that we read everything.

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I’ve just tested both tracks’ hello-world exercise and they tested fine for me. That said, both test runners are fairly slow, so if anyone has any ideas on how to speed them up, that would be great. See GitHub - exercism/haskell-test-runner and GitHub - exercism/swift-test-runner for the source of those test runners.

The Swift test runner is rather complicated and I don’t see it at the moment as an easy way to make it faster. Since it is a slow compilation the language, there are 3 main ways the test runner gets faster:

  • Apple makes the language compiler faster
  • Running tests in parallel could give a performance boost for certain compute-heavy exercises, but for some exercises wouldn’t it create a noticeable difference. The problem is that it is difficult to work with stdout and does create output bugs.
  • Running the language interpreted, although this can be difficult to pull off and could have compatibility errors. And would likely be catching errors at runtime rather than at compile time.

I’m getting timeouts with the Elm and PureScript tracks as well. I have had 100% timeouts today on PureScript.