Help adding exercises to the VB.NET track

Next month will feature VB.NET, so I thought: as C# and VB.NET are parsed by the same tool (Roslyn), maybe I can do something clever to quickly convert from C# to VB.NET and then create PRs to add the exercises? This has been quite successful, in that I managed to get 57 exercises added with relatively little effort.

There are still 46 open PRs that fail for various reasons. In most cases, there will be some automatic translation error that is often not that hard to fix. Maybe if we as a community would join forces we can get many of these PRs merged?

Here are some helpful links/pointers:

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Oh, and the PRs are all “ready to go”, in that all required files and config.json changes have already been done.


Big shout out to @bobahop for gracefully helping getting a lot of these VB exercise PRs merged! :partying_face: