HELP! How to submit more than one file

Hello. I had first began using Exercism today. I tried the chess queens exercise first, and I mostly had troubles trying to figure out the whole exercism system- how does the computer check, how to submit code & etc. I made a code which works but doesnt fit the requirements for the exercise, because my code is a class for Queen and the exercise demands 2 classes - one for queen and one for calculating the attack. I cant figure out how to create a second class- which means the code doesnt run for me and I cant pass the exercise on the website. can someone help?

my code:


Welcome to the forum and thanks for opening an issue about this.

This is our bad. The exercise requires a Queen class and a QueenAttackCalculator class, but right now, we only provide the file for when both should be provided.

In the Java track, we’re in the process of reviewing all the stubs we provide for the exercises, and this means we just haven’t gotten around to this exercise yet. I’ll work on a fix for this later today.

In the meantime, you can submit multiple files using the Exercism CLI as a workaround.