[Help needed] Missing key features

I just did a quick check to see which tracks don’t yet have key features defined for them.
This is that list of tracks:

  • cfml
  • emacs-lisp
  • lfe
  • mips
  • objective-c
  • ocaml
  • perl5
  • plsql
  • purescript
  • sml
  • vimscript

If someone would like to add those, it would be much appreciated!

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For Ocaml: [Track]: Added Key Features and Icons by BethanyG · Pull Request #483 · exercism/ocaml · GitHub


For CFML: [Track]: Added Key Language Features & Icons. by BethanyG · Pull Request #182 · exercism/cfml · GitHub. Since I pulled this from the language overview it may need some massaging.

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Nice! I’d started thinking about this but you beat me to it.

For your first feature I might have chosen the productive icon rather than interop, but that’s a small detail.

A couple of things might merit more emphasis (or maybe it’s just me being nostalgic?):

  • Creating websites in ColdFusion is really easy. The original idea was that designers could do this themselves without (at least initially) needing programmers.
  • Database integration is amazingly powerful, in a way I’ve never seen any other language copy: define the connection once in the server config and then it’s just there for ever afterwards.

ooh. NICE! I am more than happy to have you go in and make changes/suggestions in the PR. :smile: The only gotcha is that we are (sadly) limited to 100 chars for descriptions, and only 25 for titles.

Conversely, I can loop back when I am done with sml. :smile:

BTW: I am going to try and knock out vimscript after sml. I think @Meatball is going to take purescript, and maybe mips. But beyond that jump in! - the water’s fine! :laughing:

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For SML: [Track]: Add Key Features and Icons by BethanyG · Pull Request #236 · exercism/sml · GitHub. Had to work here to not make it sound exactly like Ocaml.

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Hi @ErikSchierboom,

I am not quite sure of the protocol here.

I saw this request, briefly glanced through the thread, started work on the update. I also checked the recently-updated forks for activity to avoid duplicating effort.

Here is the PR: [Track]: Add key features and icons by ajborla · Pull Request #156 · exercism/mips · GitHub)

If I have missed something, or mis-stepped somewhere, please let me know.

Thank you.

Thanks everyone! That’s four tracks that now have key features :tada:

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I could potentially have a look at Emacs Lisp sometime this week unless someone beats me to it.


I made an attempt for LFE, but my PR was auto-closed as I’m not a maintainer. Leaving it here in case it’s useful:

I’ve reopened and reviewed. Just some linting things

Amazingly, with everyone’s help only Emacs Lisp remains! Thanks all.


Still planning on doing Emacs Lisp, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t get around to it. Fingers crossed for tomorrow or the day after the latest.

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@ErikSchierboom I finally got to this a couple of days ago :slight_smile:

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All tracks now have key features! Thanks all :heart:

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