Help with Tcl threads

It cans sound elementary, and in fact it is, but I do not understand the threads at all. I know that they serve to make more efficient the allocation of resources like memory between others characteristics.

In the bank problem I need to manage threads. I know how to create threads and make that some code be executed by the thread (joinable or not joinable).

What isn’t clear to me is how I do to serve the threads or put the capacity to respond with threads to my code. I know that if my code has a proc named myproc and I call it from other site, the tests file for example, I do [myproc its_arguments] and I capture its response for processing. But in the tests of this problem the threads are created and I don’t know with what proc I can to respond it or what is the strategy to respond with threads.

Not elementary at all. Threads are a complex topic. Make sure you read the documentation links provided in the exercise.

Thanks Glenn. I go to read the links with slow pace. :man_in_lotus_position: