Highest rep user is wrong

It appears that sometime the “Highest rep user” value is wrong, that is, less than the reputation of the current user.

For example, on this solution:

We’ll investigate. Thanks :slight_smile:

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This is actually correct, but badly worded.

We calculate this based on someone’s reputation in Ruby, not based on everything across the site. So joaofnd might have more rep, but they have less Ruby rep.

I’m not sure what a clearer label would be. Thoughts welcome!

Oh, I thought it wasn’t based on reputation related to Ruby because on another solution (for which you are the highest rep user actually :smile:) the shown reputation is higher than the highest reputation on that track.

But it’s actually the total reputation of the member with the highest reputation from the Ruby’s track. Which makes sense, but is also a bit confusing. :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure either what would be clearer while fitting in that small space. :thinking:

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Thank you for more sorting options – finding alternate approaches in Community Solutions is now easier. :-)


Sort by

I’m still confused though as for example menketechnologies has a raku rep of 63 yet comes first in a Highest Rep User sort for a Community Solution for say Sieve. So it looks like it is sorting by Rep across all tracks.

The “number of times someone has published a solution similar to this” seems to have a fence post error as no solutions seem similar and so it may be clearer to state zero.

I’m assuming that “Sort by most submitted” means to sort by the number of shared iterations but perhaps the intent is to mean something else ?

I have the same findings for the CPP track. The top5 solutions do not align with the top rep users for the track (when I had a look yesterday).

Yeah, this isn’t working. I did mention this on Discord but I think I wasn’t very clear (and I know not everyone here is there). Its complex to fix, and we still have a backlog of 1.4M jobs to work through, but I’ll look at fixing it, then resyncing everything to the searching indexes again (sigh!) next week :slight_smile:

Running a few million new jobs to fix this now!

3.4M jobs processed later and I think it’s right now :grin:

Could you confirm please?


Looking at this example, the highest rep user seems to be correct now!