Hiring mega-thread

A place for folks to post job opportunities or for those seeking employment.

I’ll start by aiming high and stating what my dream job would be and we can go from there!

What would happen if you took Exercism and crossed it with Khan Academy and musictheory.net?

I am extremely passionate about education, in fact the biggest reason I learned to code is because I saw the potential of technology to revolutionize the way we learn, in particular through creating interactive applications. This happened while I was in university studying psychology and mathematics, and one of my courses happened to use ALEKS. Somewhere along the way though, I unexpectedly fell in love with programming itself, coding as creative expression, and the whole process of learning to code.

In practical reality however, I have discovered that I am able to adapt quickly when the job calls for it, and find much delight in what many would consider the “boring stuff” like forms and databases. While my favorite language is Clojure, my first programming gig was in C# and I was able to successfully learn it on the job, familiarize myself with the existing codebase, improve upon it and make it more maintainable. My favorite part was figuring out that we could delete over 10000 lines of code.





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