HMTL/CSS New Language Request

I admit up front that they are not traditionally thought of as programming languages (or at least that’s what I was always told) but I think it’d be nice to see an HTML/CSS language section. Perhaps a little tough to judge correct vs. incorrect but I’m sure smart people such as yourselves can figure out those particulars… :laughing:

  1. Exercism uses test driven development. All tracks need a working test framework. If you can’t test the code, it’s not a good fit for Exercism.
  2. Exercism tracks are built by volunteers.

Would you like to volunteer to figure out how to test HTML and/or CSS code and build a track for one/both?

Hi @MrHollowWeen. I don’t think we’ll do HTML or CSS on Exercism. They’re not the sort of programming languages that suit the way that platform works. Maybe eventually we have a dedicated site to learning those, but I think it’ll be a seperate thing :slight_smile: